We're a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the number of young progressives in local office today to grow the base of national progressive leaders in the future.


  • On Empowering Youth

    Earlier this month, NPR broadcast an interview—“Chicago Students To News Media: ‘You Don’t Know Us’”—with fifth-graders from Chicago’s Bradwell School of Excellence, who recently published an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune. Their piece, titled “You Don’t Really Know Us,” addresses the Tribune’s coverage of crime, and only crime, in the South Shore neighborhood they call home. Read More
  • Young Candidate Spotlight: Michael Blake

    Welcome to our ongoing interview series highlighting young elected officials and young candidates.This month we spoke with 30-year-old Michael Blake, who is running for State Assemblyman in New York’s 79th assembly district, the district in which he was born and raised. Read More
  • Protect Voting

    This month, a federal judge in North Carolina refused to block an egregious law that would make it harder to for young people to vote. Read More
  • Why Pundits Miss the Point on Millennials

    Attempts by the media to define the millennial generation abound. Sensationalist pieces on our social habits, buying tendencies, mannerisms, self-view, world-view, and perhaps most frequently, political leanings, crop up daily. The eagerness to pin down our generation’s preferences is unsurprising, given we will soon hold political and economic power, inheriting a slew of deep-seeded problems in almost every arena. So what’s the story? The “experts” can’t seem to agree, even with themselves. Read More
  • Why I Started My Own Political Action Committee For Millennials

    As featured on Literally, Darling on August 5, 2014.   There have been a lot of articles lately about idle young people not caring and about single women not voting. I’m a 25-year-old unmarried woman and I started a nonprofit and a political action committee to encourage and support young people running for office. I definitely care. I definitely vote. Read More
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