We're a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the number of young progressives in local office today to grow the base of national progressive leaders in the future.


  • Young Candidate Spotlight: James Skoufis

    Welcome to our ongoing interview series highlighting young elected officials and young candidates. This month we spoke with 26-year-old, state assemblyman James Skoufis. James represents New York State’s 99th assembly district, which includes his hometown of Woodbury. Motivated by a sense of duty to the community that he grew up in and by his desire to do good and help people, James first entered public service when he was just 22, serving on the Woodbury Town Council and was elected to the state assembly two years later when he was 25.It has often been said that millennials are ill-suited for leadership because of their age and because they care only about issues that affect their generation and nothing else. James, however, defies those stereotypes. Telling us that initially his biggest obstacle was proving himself to others who believed him to be incapable because of his age, James has demonstrated a unique kind of leadership millennials can bring to the table—the kind of innovative and comprehensive leadership it takes for the job. “Age is just a number whether you’re 25, 45, or 65. Either you know the stuff—or you don’t. Either you do the job—or you don’t,” he says. Read More
  • Young Leaders in Politics Happy Hour at Netroots Nation

    Please join LaunchProgress Action Fund, People for the American Way, and the Michigan Democratic Party Youth Caucus for a happy hour event celebrating young leaders in politics. Meet and mingle with other young leaders and learn more about these organizations and their work to support the next generation of changemakers. BEVERAGES PROVIDED.* Read More
  • HuffPost: Young People Helped Found This Country, It's Time for Us to Step Up and Lead Again

    The Huffington Post just published an op-ed by Stevaughn Bush, Communications Coordinator at LaunchProgress. Stevaughn highlights the obstacles younger candidates face—proving their abilities, raising sufficient funds to compete against entrenched interests, and overcoming gender and racial bias that still exist in our country. As we celebrate the 238th anniversary of a fundamental change in our nation's politics, LaunchProgress is working to help with the next: This is what LaunchProgress is trying to change. Our plan is to build a new infrastructure that will help millennials of all backgrounds jump into politics. This will create a new generation of progressive leaders — leaders who look like our changing America and govern with our interests in mind. Read More
  • Young Candidate Spotlight: Anna Diaz-Takes The Shield

    Welcome to our ongoing interview series highlighting young elected officials and young candidates. This month we spoke with Anna Diaz-Takes The Shield, a 26-year-old Native American who is running for state representative of South Dakota’s 27th district. Read More
  • Investing in New American Leaders

    Last week, I had the opportunity to speak at the New American Leaders Project Alumni Conference on supporting emerging political leaders. I joined Jess Carrano (Acting Political Director, Working Families Party), Dan Altschuler (Coordinator, Make the Road New York Action Fund), and Azi Paybarah (Reporter, Capital New York) in encouraging community leaders of color from across the country to run for office. Young people are the most diverse generation in the country. Yet people of color are severely underrepresented in politics, making up only 16 percent of members of congress. But we are all working to change this. Read More
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