We're a nonprofit dedicated to increasing the number of young progressives in local office today to grow the base of national progressive leaders in the future.


  • Young Candidate Spotlight: Andrea Campbell

    This month’s Young Candidate Spotlight features Andrea Campbell, a Boston native who is running for Boston City Council District 4 this year. I had the chance to talk to Andrea and learn a little bit more about her background and her campaign through our Q&A session. Read More
  • Young Elected Official Spotlight: Ohio State Representative Dan Ramos

    Welcome to our ongoing interview series highlighting young elected officials and young candidates. This month we spoke with Ohio State Representative Dan Ramos, who represents Ohio's 56th House District, which covers western Lorain County. Representative Ramos also currently serves as the Chair of the LaunchProgress Action Fund Board of Directors. Read More
  • Changing Political Apathy Into Enthusiasm

    My name is Jack and I’m a senior at Fordham University who is studying International Political Economy. My favorite things to do are traveling, cooking, trying weird foods, and watching too many movies.  All fun aside, I have always been interested in policy change as a means by which our government can better the lives of its citizens. I believe that by bringing the fresh voices of younger elected officials into the political discussion, we might inspire positive change in our community.  Read More
  • Leadership to Implement Immigration Reform

    Our greatest achievements have been built by those families who came here to work for better lives — families who have gone on to lead our nation in various capacities. We must ensure that our political representatives at every level, from the executive down, are committed to acting on this chance to demonstrate tolerance and fairness. Read More
  • Electionpalooza--The States to Watch

    This election we keep hearing one thing about the campaigns, “Who will control the United States Senate?” That’s an exciting question, but it’s not the only one I care about. As a progressive, I care about healthcare access, voting rights, environmental protections, education, economic mobility, and LGBTQ rights. That’s why I care about what is happening in the state chambers across our country. Read More
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